Types of surrogacy

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Types of surrogacy

The differences stem from the origin of the gametes andthe financial arrangements with your surrogate:

·Host or gestationalsurrogacy:the woman acting as the surrogate is not geneticallyrelated to the child. The embryo may be created, usingIVF, from the eggsand sperm of the commissioning parents combined with eitherdonor eggs orsperm.

·Traditional or partialsurrogacy:the surrogate is the genetic mother of the child. Spermfrom the male of the commissioning couple is used to artificially inseminatethe surrogate usingIUI.

·Altruistic surrogacy:the surrogate receives no more thanallowable expenses and so does not benefit financially from the surrogacyarrangement.

·Commercial surrogacy:a fee is paid tothe surrogate, on top of allowable expenses, as payment for the service. surrogacy cost

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