Surrogacy Cost in Iran

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Surrogacy Cost in Iran


Note 1: If your surrogacy procedure resultsin pregnancy successfully, 7000 USD will be added for all pregnancy durationcares, including lab tests, fetus anomaly screenings, ultrasound evaluations,medications, etc.

Note 2: Please contact your lawyer in yourcountry rules for legal aspects of surrogacy.

Note 3: After precise screening, suitableSurrogate volunteers will be introduced to you. After complete negotiations andtalking with her, you will choose the appropriate surrogate.

Note 4: Surrogate volunteer is screenedprecisely for genetic, infectious or other probable diseases. She ages 20 -27y/o.

Note5: You will sign a legal contract with determined surrogate to clarify allaspects of you and the surrogaterelation.

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